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Kor Sherman's Wedding

16 Sept 2018 • 22:05

We in a Grab, are on the way home from Kor Sherman's wedding. My one and only paternal cousin, son of my one and only paternal Aunt.

The last 10 minutes before we left was crazy intensive. And I'm still tearing from the overwhelm.


Backstory Kor Sherman is 7 years my senior. & the only son of my Dad's elder sis. You see, Daddy has never been a family guy. A rebel. So, he had never kept in frequent contact with MakMak (said aunt). Nonetheless, a 大姐 is always a 大姐。She would cook for him every CNY. Her traditional dishes would feed us thru the first few days of CNY.

Actually, labeling Daddy a Rebel is an understatement. He is a Rebellious Rebel. Maybe a trait inherited from my Great-Grandfather (his Grandpa) who was a Gangster. He is a big bully, fierce monster in front of everyone. But funnily I see him as a Little Baby Brother whenever he's in front of MakMak. (Today, I heard him call her "Jie".)

We didn't meet much, probably only once a year which was Chinese New Year.

And Daddy being the rebellious rebel, a spoilt brat... didn't go over to Mak Mak's house. Instead, his elder sis would come over to our house. This habit continued for years that it's became tradition. On morning on CNY Day 1, Mommy would come into the room to wake Cheryl & I up. "Faster wash up before Mak Mak comes!", she would shout. And wash up we did. Really just brush our teeth. No need for fancy clothes or make up.

Mak Mak, her loud voice & Sherman would enter the house, and only then would the guys in our house wake up. Dad would go to the toilet to freshen up first, while we continue to knock on Kor's door to wake him up.

Each year, we would carry out tradition. The kids (us) would take turns to kneel in front of the elders to wish them longevity. While they wished us good luck in finding our other halves, and in our career.

The family would gather around the dining table. They usually ask for plain water, & we would be in the kitchen trying to add enough ice to the hot water to give them presentable warm water. We didn't have boiled water ready. We didn't take the effort to host our guest, but we didn't want to give them tap water. That's my family.

Sherman likes the kueh lapis we'd bake. In return for the fridge-full of CNY food MakMak would cook, Cheryl & I would bake them a cake to bring home. & still, reluctantly cut some of our cake to host.

Then we sit around a little more before they have to rush off to visit the next house.

I guess, life was never easy for Mak Mak and Sherman. Being a single mom in that generation was probably not an easy feat. We've only known Mak Mak for being super superstitious & only think of her during CNY. I've never played my part as a niece.

(anyway, I digressed again. Nothing happened to MakMak)


So today was Kor Sherman's wedding.

They have been dating for seven years, but we've never met his wife-to-be, for she would return to Malaysia every CNY.

We arrived early at MakMak's house.

Coincidentally, our family was all dressed in auspicious colors. I think deep down, we all knew how superstitious MakMak is. I guess is what going to MakMak house for CNY visitation would feel like.

The rest of Sherman's paternal family arrived. The couple arrived. The tea ceremony was carried out. Then buffet lunch. Followed by some bonding.

Soon, each family left for home.


The Solemnisation & dinner was held at an unconventional beach. It was held at Sand Bar, Sentosa.

There was no dress code on the invites, but we overheard the Brothers saying that Kor Sherman said casual~ and they would be coming in Jeans/Berms.

Our family arrived on a Grab. Pushing a wheelchair near the seaside was the first for us. But Daddy's legs are getting weak. And walking wasn't an option. The usually grumpy Daddy didn't show any sign of grumpiness that day.

I offered my help whenever. & also taking pix of the event for my Aunt's keepsake.

The ceremony was lighthearted, with the sand and the beach as the backdrop. & the breeze lightly blowing.

The couple exchanged their vows. The guest clapped. They kissed.

Love songs were playing in the background.

The setting was really romantic, and I was almost decided on having a beach wedding too.

Soon, dinner started. Followed by the usual yum sengs, group photos, yada.

Friends left soon. Leaving us & Makmak sitting around, watching the Brother's force beer down the Groom's throat... with us edging him on. And Makmak shoot death stares over. Kor Sherman tried to seek shelter from Daddy, but it didn't work.

To be continued...

Sand Bar, Sentosa



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