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There's something comforting about going to the supermarket. I'm not sure what... is it bonding? Or like we only go there with people we are close/ comfortable with?

Today, weirdly... I went to two different supermarkets.

The first was Cold storage at bugis. I was out running errands and my boss got my to buy a bottle of Japanese sesame dressing. So I headed to the Japanese area mindlessly. But the moment I stood in front of the shelf, I thought of Kor.

During CNY this year, he got discharged from the hospital. He had his favorite tapanyaki at home. He said if he was feeling better he would like to visit the supermart. To buy Japanese sauce he said. That one we had when we were in Japan. There, I saw the sauce sitting on the he shelf staring back at me.

At night, after supper with Tubby. We went to the 24 hour Giants at Tpy. On the way back the car, I thought of Kor again. Just earlier this year, he, Cheryl and I were at that exact same spot. After loading our shopping in the car, we realized we didn't buy longan for the almond jelly that Kor bought. So I ran back to buy.


When we were kids, I remember going to the supermarket with our parents. Snacks and sweets were rewards.

I wonder, if this is what pulled me back.



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