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Warm meaty feeling

Came across this pix while clearing my photos, & got reminded of a warm fuzzy feeling I've wanted to record.

Once, Tubby suggested a meal seeing how it was a difficult week. I agreed despite the fact that we were stretching our dollars.

Making time for a good meal was our way of destressing (I think).

We placed our orders after a longer time than usual. Probably after a lot of inner struggles within ourselves.

He placed his order. & then I announced I'd order the ribs. He urged me to order the piggy that we both knew I enjoyed. I said its okay (cus of the price tag).

Halfway thru the meal, I noticed he was unusually quiet about his meal. I asked if they cooked it wrongly. He said, there's really a difference in the quality of the meat. That's when I knew, he too chose the cheaper option.

Mixed feelings of (1) how I didn't think he would "degrade" knowing how particular he is when it comes to his food, (2) him trying to convince me to order the expensive slab of pork chop, (3) making this meal possible.

Food Satisfaction: Half

Heart: Full

A reminder that making time and sacrifices are little things in life we need to remember to appreciate.

No pix of the ribs I had that night; but here's a throwback to 2016, my first time I had the piggy & was spoilt ever since.

meat & chill



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