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Love language.

What is your Love Language? I've been thinking of this for some time, and I've finally done an online test. And confirmed my guess! It's TOUCH.


You respond to physical touch.

For you, love is as simple as a caress. Where ever it happens, how ever long it lasts or how it is: it could be just holding hands while walking about, having a quick cuddle once the kids are in bed, stealing a kiss here and there, exchanging touches while passing each other in the hallway, and of course making love, particularly in the warming up phase – body to body, skin against skin… Physical touch is security and reassurance for you and makes you sure that your partner loves you. On the contrary, the absence of physical contact hurts you deeply and you can feel ill treated or rejected and you close down emotionally. But when your partner communicates in your love language, it touches you deeply inside, creating strong emotional intimacy that opens you to yourself and to your partner.

Some advice: Every person has his or her own geography when it comes to bodily touch. Don’t think that touching them in a way that pleases you will necessarily please them and vica-versa. It’s important to verbally confirm the touches and caresses that you like, ‘You know I love it when you hold my hand… ‘I like it when you brush against me while passing by’ or ‘I adore when you take me in your arms’. You can invent a couple’s game to make your partner guess which styles of caress you like and which zones of your body are more receptive (Getting hotter, getting colder… ) If you are seriously lacking contact, begin by explaining to your partner how you operate in sensorial terms and perhaps invited them to find 5 different ways of physical contact during the day.




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