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I scared myself today.

My palm hurts. From hitting the keyboard.

Have you experience the kind of frustration that makes you quiver?

My hands.... they shook like those of a sever Parkinson's disease patient. I couldn't type, even though all i wanted to reply was "please stop".

I scared myself today.

I uncovered a new level of frustration in me. I inflicted pain - I slammed my palms repeatedly onto the keyboard. The table shook, things were falling onto the ground. My hands were numb.

I then found another way of releasing my anger. I threw stuff.

I was crying, as i found strength to type what I've always wanted to say.

And i found even more strength to delete every word and swallow it back.

That night, with my Source of frustrations in front of me. I was reminded of all the "words" I swallowed - it was a "heavy lunch".

I was too full to eat. My burger, i barely had half.



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