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How long to mend a broken heart?

Tubby had work commitment after our late dinner at his place.

I was lazy. So i stayed over while he headed out.

After bath, I got comfortable in bed. I opened Instagram to do some mindless scrolling.

And the first photo on the newsfeed was posted by my cousin Charmaine. Then I saw the first like on her post. It was by her sis, Desiree.

Desiree just got discharged from hospital this afternoon. She was admitted because of complications from dengue.

"The youngest cousin is now 21." a silent thought appeared in my head as I clicked on her IG handle. I scrolled thru her photos as I tried to recall what my life was like at 21. All I remember was my 21st birthday party.

I accidentally stumped upon a picture of Mama; our Grandmother who took care of us since young. Then I stupidly clicked on the #rememberingmamamaria hashtag, that we created after she left us.

So many memories of Mama flooded my head. It's been 2 years. The photo of us in the hospital triggered the thought that I've subconsciously muted for the passed 2 years. Mama was in mini-coma for awhile in the hospital before she was get slightly better to get discharged on her 95th birthday. She left two weeks after, in the House she built her home and family.

Then, there were photos with both Mama and Korkor. My heart died. I cried non stop for the last 45 mins...

I miss Mama, I miss Kor more.



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