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Behind each scene

I developed an irritating habit (?), some auto mechanism, some time ago. It stuck for quite some time, long enough to be a habit.

It's actually quite disturbing, thus I was contemplating if I should blog about it. It screws with my mind.

But I think it's actually occupational habit, so most people reading this might not develop this habit.


I kept imaging the Behind-the-Scenes

when I look at photos or videos!

Do you too?

Like a photo of a couple kissing, with the beautiful sun setting behind them.

(I saw @missgoob's post and got inspired to write... cause I'm stuck on an Ubershare ride with 2 other riders. I'm not sure how long it'll take for me to reach home.

On a side note, the driver has a charismatic voice. But I can't see his looks as I'm sitting directly behind him.)


Photo credits to @missgoob

It's a super romantic picture and I would kill to have a boyfriend who would take such photos with me.

I'm sure @missgoob's boyfriend, ah pei, would. He's super sweet to her. I've been following her on Dayre for quite some time.


Generally, I would imagine the girl going "can we take a photo here pleaseeeee..." and guys being guys, would say no cause its super cheesy. And then the girl would ask again.

After both parties come to consensus, I would imagine them setting up the camera, adjusting the right angle, turning on the timer, etc.

And the girl would have direct how the shoot would proceed. Most times the guy would have no clue on how to post. And would probably not be very accommodating.

It totally is a recipe for quarrels.


It seriously messes with my mind. And I lose the main focus of the romantic picture!!

And its the same with photos of most genres... OOTDs, food, travels... it's really funny (or not really actually).

(Charismatic voice Uber driver not good looking 🙅)



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