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Supporting from afar

Even during working hours, I get reminded of Kor so often.

He had "like" most of the pages that I am marketing. And constantly showing support by Liking so many of the photos I posted. So many times, I click into a picture, I see his name.

He had always been supportive... even though he never liked my job.


After finding out that his time on Earth is short, it suddenly dawn on my how little I had done for him. It was definately not enough.

We always assume that everyone is happy leading their own lives. We chose not to intrude, not to "disturb", not to show concern, not to offer a hand.

Kor was a writer. He published books.

I am (kinda) well-versed on social media marketing. I could have helped him to promote his books, his writing, his stories.

Because he never asked.... he never ever ask for help like that.... I assumed he is fine on his own. But I could have offered. I didn't.

Is it too late now? It's not... but it's too painful.


I wish I stop finding excuses. I wish I find courage to do what's right.

For the living, I think I should.



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