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Life's footprints

The other night on the car ride from my office to dinner, Tubby randomly mentioned how we have been hanging out for six years and we have been to most parts of Singapore. If he would disappear one day, every where I go would remind me of him. Like the Esso where he just picked me from work... "oh no, no one picking me up..."

Yes, that is so true. I've been experiencing that so much, especially so the past month. After Kor left us, I've been constantly reminded of him. Every corner of the house. Every random thought.

Things we did together. Like Pokémon Go... I've not touch it since he left. Until today. We were at Safra Yishun. I forgot about it actually... until I caught a glimpse of the garden. It reminded me that I actually went Pokémon hunting with Kor here once!


I forgot why. It was a random night I think. We drove all the way to Yishun where it was one of the hot spot at that time. After one Lucky Egg time duration at the park, we walked one round around the park... I remember he said the trees were so pretty.

Two weeks ago, I wanted to cook instant noodles for dinner. I chose the favor that Kor didn't eat, thinking to keep the one he preferred for him. Then I realized he won't be eating it any more.

Even driving... driving pass Novena triggered so much memories of the time he was in the hospital+hospice. I started crying immediately.


It's the memories that kills.



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