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We approached 2017 a little too quickly.

Barely one month into the new year, and too many things happened.

It gave me a new insights on life.

Suddenly, all superficial & materialistic things no longer matter.

Life, so precious. Yet we take it for granted.

From my experiences, I learnt so much. And felt the need to share this knowledge so that people do not have the same regrets I did.

The ever thinking mind.

I probably string together hundreds of stories, or deptful thoughts a day. Many which kept me sane. Many thoughts that I wouldn't think a normal brain would think of. I impress myself many times. But maybe too conscious for my own good.

New year, new look, new style.

I thought why not change my writing style. Small things no longer matter to me. Deep thoughts, memorable episodes... they are worth more effort jotting down.

If given the time, I would like to write them into short stories. After all, it's the stories that made life interesting.

Maybe one day, I could be a writer like my brother...



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