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In the recent years, I realized that I like to do things on my own. Me time became so important. Just leave me alone to do my own things at my own pace. Eat what I want. Buy whatever I need. Is it security, power or just age? Few weeks ago, I dug into my inner self during a conversation with a friend. And found out/ voicing out/ materializing the fact that I like/want to take control of my life. I do not rely on people unless I really have to. To me, nothing seem impossible.

Saying that out, I felt a sense of achievement.

The conversation started cus I was telling her that she have no confidence with herself, becus she is not skilled with the necessity to survive on her own. In the end, having to rely on others. & when others don't perform the way she wants them to, she will get upset & down. The conv escalated to me having control of my life. Thus not having to rely on anyone. Thus am happier. 😄✌ That said, I said a little silent "thanks" to mommy for being so irritating and always getting me to do stuff.

And the other day, I met with another friend. And we were talking a lot. About the lame people around us. And how friends are emoing over stuff that no longer affect us. Suddenly, we both felt so happy. And fortunate. And thankful for life. Like why are people emoing over useless boyfriends and hopeless relationships. Get a grip girl.

We need to always remember that everything happened for a reason. And that reason is that YOU let it happen.

At some point of time, you made that conscious/subconscious choice. Like hello, you know this guy is crap. And you chose to be with him. You chose the path towards the heartbreak. Or you know there will be a jam on the roads. And u made the choice to take a cab instead of the underground train. Then don't blame when your friends scream at you for being late.

So I realized. That having knowledge in the most important.

So that you can make a conscious choice and not regret in the future.

My underlying point is that if u can see the point that u are the one who put yourself in this situation... U would realized that u also have the right/choice/power to put yourself in the not-affected/unhappy/negative position. #Yolo #wordsofwisdom



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