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Let there be strength 💪

22.21 • I suck. I was holding back my emotions while walking towards the hospital ward. What's with 2015!?

I've visited the hospital so many times that it's not funny anymore. First was Mama, then Godma and now Mommy. Mommy had a small(?) opt this afternoon. Every thing went well. I hope the recovery goes well too. I kept Mommy was strong enough... she survived 3 child births (of 3 different kinds - natural, induced, cesarean), & numerous operations

"She so stressed up."

Cheryl said; when they wheeled mommy to the operating room. It then dawn on me that our super Mommy was no Superwoman. I still remember clearly. The times when Mom had to undergo operations. And each time, there would be some complications during recovery. I hope all goes well this time. Oh. Back to the start of my entry... on why I sucked. Cheryl left to meet her friends, leaving me alone with Mommy for the 1st time after the op. The moment the door closed, I teared!

I wondered how Cheryl had the courage to sit here whole day waiting for Mommy to get out of the operating room. I'm so thankful for my aunts, who came to accompany cheryl. And so thankful to cheryl for being here. I think it's a phobia. Or maybe just denial.

This morning, before I left home. I offered a joystick to 观音娘娘. I wanted to clean the table, and change the tea... that's what Mommy does everyday. I didn't in the end. Cus i didn't want the Goddess to think that I'm a hypocrite and not help Mommy. That I'm only cleaning the table cus i need Her help 😓 #life #hospital #mom #love



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