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Pei Pei's fairy tale

She believed in true love & she found her happily ever after 👑 Thank you for your cheerful soul! For bringing us together this night. @peipei2205

Pei Pei and I went to the same primary school, we weren't close then. In Sec 2, we were posted to the same class. We were also in the same CCA - libarian, and the same duty day.

It was very natural we spent a lot of time together. She lived in Toa Payoh too. We walked home from School together on many days. Ps, Mrs Thomas remembered me 😅 "oh! The little girl." Seems I did my role well as a Librarian 👩‍🏫 & seeing her reminded me of Tuesday library duties with Pei & walking home together after school 📚 #friendssincekids #friendship#happilyeverafter



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