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The fall of Superman.

Somewhat in disbelief. Not believing that ever-Superman would be defeated. I've always thought he'll be this strong man. Going around fixing everything at home. Making sure everything and everyone is okay. 

He may be a Bully, but that arrogance was what made us stronger than the rest. We grew up believing in the brand - TAN YEO.  

In the recent years, a part of me convinced myself to care less. Its less painful that way. Another part knew i would regret later for not spending time with him. Daddy. I tried finding reasons for holding me back. Then i realised there's none. So... is it really my subconscious trying to deny the fact that Daddy's really aging. Please give me a stronger heart. One that can accept he's no longer strong... One that would recognise that he will leave one day. One that is convinced he's still my father. And to him, I'm forever Daddy's little girl. 👨‍👧 


Hospitalised again. 2nd time this month.

He said he didnt want to be here.

He said he's "expired". 

My mom scolded him. I would too. 



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