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My 29th birthday

Unlike previous years, I spent big bulk of my 29th birthday quietly in my room. I tried to find the energy to celebrate. Funny how it took effort. Like really conscious effort.

Despite the breaking down of the NSL & the rain, I met Tubby for dinner in town.

What to me seemed like a legit reason to not head to town seeing how it would be crowded on a Saturday night, seem to be a small issue for a usually avoid-crowded-places Tubby. I tried really hard to hint/tell/convince him that it's really okay to just have dinner at home. I can buy over to his place. "There's no train!"

But he didn't buy it. Guys probably think that it's a girl thing. And that I would be really upset if he didnt spend the night with me. And insisted on heading out despite his fever.

And boy, was it a bad choice. After Itacho, there was still no train. The usually 10 min train ride back to Toa Payoh, became a really complicated journey home. I kinda understand the frustration of having to travel an hour home. (Say if you stay in the extremes of Singapore)

We "fought" to go on to Bus 105 opposite Far East. Two to three sardine-can-packed buses passed. & expectedly, there were no Uber/ Grabs. We finally walked to the bus stop before to get a space.


When the clock strike midnight, I sat on my bed, imaging Kor popping into the room with his arms wide open, a huge smile, wishing me Happy Birthday with a hug.

Instead, Mommy came over with clumpsily carrying Cream... right after her text message popped into my phone. She must have typed in advanced for there was no way she could type her message under a minute.

On my birthday, I woke up at 3pm. Had lunch and nua-ed in bed till evening time. My lazy bones wanted to head out. But my strong head & willpower managed to convince me that it's a privillege to stay at home in bed in the afternoon. It really was!

Saving grace was dinner with the family, Tubby and Denise. & back home into my bed again.

Sw asked days later, how my birthday celebration went. His reply to my update was "That's all?" Yes.



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