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My first Endoscopy.

Following the bloatedness in my tummy, I went for a body check up which lead me to a hospital stay + my first Endoscopy. Upon admission at the hospital, I was tasked to finish a whole tub of "water".

Colorless, and harmless looking.

But it was a difficult! There was a wrong pungent aftertaste, which I washed down with apple juice.

It was to clear my insides, in preparation for the endoscopy.

Few hours & half a jar later, my stomach starts to churn. It was TIME! Time to head to the toilet. 🚽

And very quickly, everything I ate in the last few days came out. And that process repeated for more than five times.

You'll be surprised by the amount of food that stays in the body. And I shit every day!

The morning after.

The nurses woke me from my sleep. Even after rounds with the loo, I had more to let out.

They wheeled me to the theatre. It was crazy cold! ​​

I don't remember much. For one, I didn't had my lens, and could hardly see anything. And they injected the anesthetic really quickly.

Following that, I was wheeled out to the waiting area. And when I was more "awake", I was pushed to do an X-ray.

In my drowsy state, I saw some dark patches, which was probably abnormal... I got worried for a bit. But I was so sleepy, I forgot all about it so quickly.



You know when you just cleaned your room and you don't want to bring more things in to the room to mess it up...

That's what's I'm feeling for my tummy now.



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