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Perchance to Dream

The shipment for my brother's books finally came today. Finally!!!

During the time that he was sick, he insisted on coming home to finish up what he wanted to do. One was to handover to me the skill to publish books.

He finished writing his 4th book - Perchance to Dreams, before he fell ill. He was finishing up the layout of the books, to prepare for printing.

It was hard work, having to check page by page. I only found out later from one of Kor's friend that this part was usually done by the publisher.

Kor took the hard work on his shoulders. I think because of his OCD perfectionism.

He has done the formatting up till the last two chapters. He got Cheryl and I to be in front of his PC, and taught us how to do it. Even insisting that we write it down so that we don't forget.


I submitted the books for publication the night before he left. I even managed to tell his personally that I've submitted the books for printing. He woke up to look at me, and grib my hand.

We chose to pay more for express service. Thinking to fulfil his books order ASAP. Unfortunately, there was some delay because the books were sent back to the publisher by the USA customs due to a missing document.

Every few days, Mom or Dad would ask me about the books. I had no answer! The customer care was not helpful at all.

Thankfully the customers who had placed their order earlier, were understanding.

The ETA delayed from 9 of March till today!!


Guys, here's the first preview to Kor's latest (and last) book -

Witch-Girl Season 2 Perchance to Dream.

perchance pəˈtʃɑːns/


1. by some chance; perhaps.

synonyms:by chance, by any chance, by some chance, as it may be, as it may happen, as things may turn out

"if perchance he arrives on time"

maybe, perhaps, possibly, for all one knows, it could be (that), it is possible (that), conceivably;


The Perchance to Dream - this is the brand new publication. This is the first time it's available in book version.

I took a copy. And left it on Kor's table. I hope he's happy.

On a weirdly coincidental note, Kor's personal Facebook was automatically memoralized by Facebook today. Is it his dream is fulfil and he can rest his mind now?



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