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He was special

10 Sagittarius 75, Woden’s Day to 2 Pisces 17, Thor’s Day "So here is a truth: There are things which are urgent and things which are important and life is such that the things which are urgent leave no time for the things which are important." - Chester Tanyeo In loving memory of my pillar, my Kor. He fought so hard, but the Cancer was heartless. Days following his departure, many of his friends visited the family. Every one had one thing in common to say - he was special. He had so much to teach. He was a writer. He wrote with such depth. He was an inspiration, they all said. His legacy will live on at Chester Tanyeo / Nocturne. #throwback My favorite pic with him... in his favourite shirt; at our niece's 1st birthday 5 years ago. This face, I would never forget...



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