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The big C that changed our lives - Cancer. [Part 1]

I never, in my (cliche) wildest dream, or any kind of dream, thought that I would be needing to write this post.

It's horrible... evil... mean... inhumane.



Late night of 6 Jan 2017:

My brother (endearingly known as kor) popped his head into my room while I was getting ready for bed. The same way he pops his head in on many nights to tell me to sleep earlier.

"Can you drive me to A&E?"

I agreed immediately. Partly wasn't surprise since he was complaining of some pains in his chest area. Other part of me thankful/happy for we've been trying to tell him go for checks after the pain persist even after a round of antibiotics from the GP, and same prescription for the same symptoms as in the past.

And of cause a small part of me was frighten and dreaded going to the hospital.

Ever since Mama got admitted on Christmas eve 2014, we have been going in and out of the hospital periodically. It's not funny. Aging is not fun.

Like God sent, my human-form angel walked pass my room. Cheryl who was usually asleep at this timing, appeared like a rare Pokémon.

"Kor need go hospital. He's feeling breathless."

"You need me to go with you? I can. I go with you lah!"

See, such an angel.

So three of us changed and took the familiar drive to TTSH. Every time I feel so "experienced", I hate it. A silent grumble will always form in my head - I rather not be experienced in such stuff.

The last three of us go on late night drives like that was to the 24 hour supermarket quite often. We love going to the supermarket. Like little kids! On our latest trip, we even went to the park which was spawning Charmanders at that time. Cheryl who didn't play Pokémon Go, sacrificed her sleep to walk with us. We caught 5-6 Charmanders that night.


It was passed midnight. We managed to get kor registered into the somewhat express lane at A&E. He was breathless, the kind you experience after a long run.

The nurses did some tests and hooked him up to the oxygen.

Cheryl waited with him. Only one visitor per patient. While I waited eagerly outside.

The situation at the A&E was bad. It's a puzzle how so many people require urgent medical attention at the same time.

I had my face mask on. And while waiting, plastered my open wound. Fresh from a fall barely few days ago. The mind constantly reminding me of the amount of germs at the hospital.

Cheryl texted me periodically to update me. We later found out that he had fluid in his lungs, causing the breathless.

Quickly, I Googled. And tuberculosis came up on most of the results. It seemed quite common. There must be a cure. I was hopeful.

As per every Tanyeo who wants things their way, kor argued for the nurses to let me into the room.

"My sister is alone outside!"

They made an exception. The heart was less racy knowing what was going on.



The doctor insisted on admitting kor to get more tests done. He didn't like it, I mean, who would.

I remember his exact words to the doctor.

"If I leave here tonight, will I die?"

The doc didn't commit. But of cus, she insisted. After some serious negotiations, kor gave in. And I saw to the admission paperwork.

The waiting game started. The same one we experienced when mommy got admitted in 2015.



This place gives me the creeps. Rows of hospital beds, each with a sickly patient on it. The beds were really closed to each other. An arms length at most. Any viruses would have easily strolled over to the neighboring bed.

Occasionally you'll hear shouting. Cries for help. Coughing. Everyone there were sick. They were all waiting for a bed in the hospital.

Cheryl and I left kor to rest. It was daybreak. That was probably the first time we left the hospital slightly less hopeless than the days to follow.


❤ ❤ ❤

The longest two-month fight the family gone through.



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