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Discovery of Beard Papa's at only $2!

21.37: So, I stood damn long in front of Beard Papa's@The Central, waiting for any reply from Charms or Cheryl - "you 2 want beard papa?"

Cheryl's at the hospice with Mommy. And Charmaine was at her office across the road.

The inner mathematician (also trained partly by kor)... and maybe the Libra (the need for balance), I take forever when buying things. Especially at the supermarket.

Which is the best buy?

Most savings. Most worthwhile.


Beard Papa has a Buy 5 Get 1 Free combo. Each puff ranging from $3-$3.60.

The struggle of paying $15+ for cream puff albeit it's shiokness.

My thoughts alternated between that, and whether I'm in the right queue thanks to the pack of humans in front of me. And mindlessly checking my phone for a reply.

"But there was 4 of us, so just buy 4 for each of us. If they don't want it, I can have it for breakfast." My train of thought quickly became. "Huh. Buy 4. If I buy 1 more I'll get one free! Shit. Means $15."

*back to square one*

I have not even gone into choose the type of crust and the filling.


I slowly found out that the pack in front were colleagues. 4 of them waiting for another 3 of them who were paying.

The four stood in a circle, while the 3 joined them one by one. As if getting ready to slaughter the sacrifice for an sacred offering.

Frustrated. I walked right into their circle and out. Right to the counter to order.

They didn't move an inch. How can educated grown adults in modern Singapore be so indifferent about their surroundings.


21.50: I was finally in front of the cashier. I was still undecided.

"So, buy 5 get 1 free right?" The mouth asked, while the mind did a mental choice of puffs to order.

"Oh! We are going at 6 for $12 now! Any 6!", she chirped. 💁

"OHHH!" Delightfully surprised. "So can I have...."

My order was disrupted with, "We only have chocolate, earl grey, custard, ......" she listed the puffs they have left. The counter was relatively empty by now, seeing it's 10 minutes before closing time.

"Please just choose any six for me." At $2 each, 30% off the original price, I didn't think I should be troublesome.

And she happily did! And I happily paid the $12, and asked one more question which she patiently answered.

"So, this is a limited time promotion?"

"No. We have it every night to clear the leftover puffs."

"Ohh. So what time it usually starts?"

"There's no fixed timing. It differs everyday!"

"Okay! So I just come near closing time correct already haha!"

The inner typical Singaporean kiasu Aunty slowly showing her true colors.

"YA!!" So pleased with herself for making my day.


Moral of the story:

• Gather all the facts before making important decisions.

•And, go to Beard Papa's near closing time (10pm for the outlet at The Central). Don't say good things never share.

My trophy 👇

Location & opening hours:

Disclaimer: I am not sure if all the outlets hold the same promotion! Good luck!



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