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Mind over matter 💭

I found out recently that it is possible to train the mind. I am very sure. Because I've been testing/ training my mind for some time now. One example was that I was sitting in the car in the middle of the night. I accidentally looked into the mirror which reflected the back seat. I had a sudden fear. You know how in shows, ghosts will appear at the back.... then I told myself:

"No! The car is my comfort zone. It will keep me safe."

Instantly, I felt calm and safe. So every time. I had that "fear", I remind myself the same thing. Same worked for when I looked at the moon. The spooky image appeared in my head. I remind myself the moon is calming... and all is okay. 🌜 I also kinda managed to control pain. So I sorta not scared of the pain at dentists. And facial (ultimate pain for now... since I have not tried giving birth. You just have to concentrate the big amount of pain into one small dot. And poof it'll disappear!


18.00 • was with Auch in the afternoon. Doing adult things like moving house. Kinda... actually only a few luggage of stuff.

Then home to pick Cheryl and then Charms.

Mooooookata! Our comfort food. 🐷

19.30 • K-ing with them is the highest! Cus they both are energizer bunnies. And they damn damn high. We made it on Cheryl's insta-story!

22.00 • one more pix before the night ends! The weight gain us making me too like a hamster. But somehow, I am seem happy to look like one leh! Like, being too skinny makes me look a little haggard... see, I look so healthy and well-fed!


Super throwback to 5 years ago!

#throwback • in Korea in 2011 as part of a school trip to take part in a nail competition. 💅

Prepping the model's nails before the competition day. And we were practicing to fit the nail form for the nail extensions... thus the mountain of nail forms in front of me. And the guy beside is my nail teacher - Joe. Cheryl was like,"omg you look so young!!!!" Yes... it was 5 years ago!



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